Thursday, August 6, 2009

Getting this thing going

So I decided to create a blog specifically for the ministry of the blankets and hats that I want to create and give out in honor of my special boy Noah.

For those of you who don't know our story, please click here to read from the beginning.

Anyway, I have already started a few projects and have made quite a few hats. The blankets take me a little longer which is why they aren't quite finished yet.

I was thinking of making matching hats and blankets as keepsakes for anyone who might be going through something like what we have been through with Noah. I can say without a doubt that Noah's blanket and hat are two of my most treasured keepsakes of his. They were the two things that he was wrapped up in and that stayed with him during his entire 19 hours alive.

If you are interested in getting a hat/blanket, please feel free to leave a comment or email me. I would need to know if you are having a boy or girl and also what colors you wish to have. I only have a select few colors at the moment - mostly baby pastels. But I can do just about any color combination you like.

I can't wait to start getting requests! This is something that makes my heart just a little lighter by knowing that I will be helping another person along their journey and that I will be doing it in my son's honor.


  1. ~May God bless your ministry~

    I love how you're bringing beauty from pain!

  2. Hi, I was over at Nicholas' Touch and I was just going to tell you that I commented about the button.

    I am at:
    Danielles button is at the bottom of the page. She did my button.

  3. Carleigh's blanket is definitely a treasure for me. So soft and fuzzy and the color of pink makes me just think of Heavenly goodness. I hope the blankets you make will mean the same to the people who get them.

  4. What a beautiful thing to do! I lost my daughter at 24 weeks to anencephaly and did not know such things were available. I know that you will bring much needed comfort to moms in need.